Synchrotron Radiation in Studies of Nanoscaled Materials


was held on June 22-23, 2006 at ESRF, Grenoble, France. The two-day seminar was attended by around 30 participants
coming from Norwegian and Swiss universities and research institutes, including 7 scientists representing synchrotron facilities
(SNBL, SLS, DUBBLE, ESRF). Seven speakers from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Russia were
invited to this seminar to present review talks. Furthermore, 6 talks from project leaders and 4 talks from beam line responsibles
were also presented.
The seminar was officially opened by the Vice-President of the Swiss-Norvegian Foundation for the Research with
Synchrotron Radiation (SNX), Prof. David Nicholson (NTNU, Norway).
The seminar aimed at strengthening bi-national cooperations in some strategically important fields of scientific research
that have considerable industrial potentials. The general objective of the Swiss-Norwegian Seminar was to place into focus
the role of synchrotron radiation in studying nanoscaled materials, hereby stimulating the search for new effects and new
technological applications based on the size-controlled properties of materials.
The seminar topics included studies of nanoscaled materials for hydrogen storage, the search for new,
efficient nanocrystalline oxides for gas sensoring and catalytic applications, methods for production and characterisation
of semiconducting materials for nanoelectronics, investigation of the structure of nanometric thin films, and in situ studies
of mechanisms and kinetics of switching processes in such films.
Besides facilitating an exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience, the seminar was also aimed at attracting
new users to the national synchrotron facilities. Feedback from the participants revealed that the program impressed them and
they very much enjoyed the atmosphere of the seminar.