The accelerators of the ESRF include a pre-injector, the booster, and the main storage ring. The parameters of the machine have constantly evolved, and its performance and the brilliance of the undulators around the ring remain exceptional.

Instrumentation and associated enabling technologies underpin every aspect of scientific activity at the ESRF. Our activities cover X-ray optics, sample handling and sample environment, detectors and electronics, and software development. Many of our projects are conducted in close cooperation with other light sources in Europe and abroad, and technologies developed at the ESRF are now in use at synchrotrons around the globe.

Acquiring our technologies is possible, and we are always open for cooperation in development of new instrumentation. Don’t hesitate to contact our group leaders in the Accelerator and Source and the Instrumentation Divisions.

Microroughness measurement of an X-ray mirror

Microroughness measurement of an X-ray mirror (photo credit: Artechnique).