Three Lectures on X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging

Start Date
31-05-2017 14:00
End Date
02-06-2017 12:00
ILL Chadwick Amphitheater
Speaker's name
David Paganin and Daniele Pelliccia
Speaker's institute
Monash University and RMIT University, Australia
Contact name
Isabelle Combe
Host name
Alexander Rack and the Coherence Group
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"Three Lectures on X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging: 

Fundamentals, and Some Frontiers"

David Paganin* and Daniele Pelliccia#

* School of Physics and Astronomy, Monash University, Australia
# School of Science, RMIT University, Australia

The first of these three two-hour lectures will cover some of the basics of imaging with coherent X-rays, culminating in discussions on phase contrast and the transport-of-intensity equation. The second lecture considers the inverse problem of phase retrieval, applied to both two-dimensional and three-dimensional phase-contrast imaging utilising coherent X-rays. The final lecture considers the role of partial coherence, as well as some recent topics such as ghost imaging and compressive sensing. All of these lectures will be accessible to those with a basic background in optics (e.g. wave equation, Maxwell equations, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, and the basics of Fourier and vector analysis) and interactions of x-rays with matter (e.g. attenuation mechanisms and complex refractive index).

Lecture 1: 31/05/2017, 14h – 16h

Lecture 2: 01/06/2017, 14h – 16h

Lecture 3: 02/06/2017, 10h – 12h

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