Forthcoming seminars

Type Start Date End Date Name
Seminar 21/11/2018 21/11/2018 The role of material characterisation in the future of automotive: roadmap, challenges and opportunities
Seminar 23/11/2018 23/11/2018 Coherence Seminar: Coherent, bright and focused light to resolve neural circuits, 23/11/2018, CO-1-10, 11:00
Seminar 27/11/2018 27/11/2018 High resolution imaging techniques shed lights on the developmental history of the dinosaur-bird transition and the development of flying cognition
Seminar 29/11/2018 29/11/2018 Image processing techniques for synchrotron-based X-ray tomography: implementation and new developments
ESRF-ILL Joint Colloquia 05/12/2018 05/12/2018 Molecular machines in biology and in chemistry

Past seminars

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Type Start Date End Date Name
Seminar 20/11/2018 20/11/2018 Breakthrough in neutron backscattering spectroscopy: A tenfold enhanced energy resolution using GaAs
Seminar 20/11/2018 20/11/2018 Dynamics of water between graphene and mica
Seminar 19/11/2018 19/11/2018 Materials: in-depth understanding, design and applications
Seminar 09/11/2018 09/11/2018 Coherence Seminar: X-ray sparse-angle Bragg ptychography
Seminar 25/10/2018 25/10/2018 Coherent Imaging: GPU-accelerated data analysis using PyNX
Seminar 12/10/2018 12/10/2018 Beyond Mesh and Collect: small samples, room temperature experiments and time resolved crystallography using multiple crystals
Seminar 12/10/2018 12/10/2018 EBS will accelerate much more than electrons only, the serial synchrotron crystallography needs to evolve
Seminar 02/10/2018 02/10/2018 Coherence Seminar: Exploring high-energy pink-beam XPCS for in situ observation of surface dynamics during crystal growth
Seminar 01/10/2018 01/10/2018 Load balancing of GPU subsystems to accelerate back projection for synchrotron tomography
ESRF-ILL Joint Colloquia 28/09/2018 28/09/2018 Physics at INFN Gran Sasso Laboratories