Shutdown schedule

Each year, there are five shutdown periods at the ESRF: three shorter breaks of about ten days along with two longer periods of four weeks in the summer, and five weeks from before Christmas until mid-January, respectively.

The operation schedule is online in the Accelerator and Source Operation pages and includes the shutdown periods.

The operation schedule for 2012 began with an exceptional shutdown over a five month period lasting until 03 May 2012, when normal user operation resumed. The extended winter shutdown was necessary at the start of the civil construction work for the ESRF Experimental Hall extension.

Throughout 2012 and during the first months of 2013, the nominal ESRF performance in terms of floor vibrations and X-ray beam stability might be degraded on some beamlines, for short periods known well in advance. Further information and any updates to the planned shutdown dates given above, will be posted on this web page ahead of each proposal round.

The ESRF Upgrade Programme also includes a major programme of beamline refurbishments. This is why a few beamlines have been closed or are planned to be closed. The beamline availability for the next proposal round is summarised in the following table:


More dates for beamline shutdowns and for their re-openings after refurbishment will be published ahead of the next proposal round. In addition, users of beamlines being shutdown for refurbishment will receive an e-mail when a decision on the corresponding dates has been taken.


Information for Users


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Aug. 2017 - Feb. 2018:

1st MARCH 2017 (inclusive)

# Long Term Projects to be completed by the end of 2018:

15th JANUARY 2017 (inclusive)

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27th and 28th April 2017

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