Students show their work during a dedicated day


Every year in autumn, PhD students at the ESRF have an opportunity to show how their research project has progressed. This event is the Students’ day, which took place on 20 October 2006 with 62 participants.

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A total of 33 PhD students are currently doing full-time research at the ESRF. There are around twenty more based in European universities who also spend some time at the facility. Their research offers a wide range of subjects, from resistant bacteria or worm silk to Ge nanoislands or self-propelled particles. All this variety was shown in the eleven talks and 25 posters that the students presented.


The students Virgile Adam, from ID14, and Sebastian Schoeder, from ID15, were awarded the prize for the two best posters. Their research was focused on the substrate effects on the interface melting of ice and fluorescent proteins that can change colour, respectively. The science and results in their posters were the main selection criteria, but the layout and the distribution of information were also considered. Adam cannot hide his surprise “I didn’t expect to receive a poster prize at all, so it is really nice and shows that the research is considered promising. It definitely motivates me to pursue my research”.

The Students’ Day is an initiative from the ESRF Experiments Division. One of the students and winner of a poster prize, Sebastian Schoeder, considers it a very positive experience. “I doubt I will ever have the opportunity again to see such a wealth of subjects at a single conference. It is interesting to see how PhD students often encounter similar problems although they are working on completely different fields!”, he says.



Sebastian Schroeder receives his prize.

Sebastian Schoeder receives his prize.


Top image: Sine Larsen congratulates Virgile Adam (ID14), one of the winners of the poster prize.