MXCuBE3 Beamline control software


MXCuBE3 is the latest version of the Beamline control software for MX experiment. It is developed as a web application and runs in any recent browser


Access to MXCuBE3

MXCuBE3 is currently installed on ID29 and ID23-2. To start it go to Start on the left screen and start the MXCuBE3-server and MXCuBE3. A preliminary version of the MXCuBE3 manual is available.

The MXCuBE3 portal is

Remote Access with MXCuBE3

Since MXCuBE3 is a web application it does not require anymore NX-Client to access the beamline. Point the browser on your PC to

Screenshot_2018-07-02 MXCuBE-3a.pngScreenshot_2018-07-02 MXCuBE-3.png

Click on GET STARTED and select the beamline (you can also access directly the beamline by using the URL or

To visualise diffraction images you can use either EXI ( or adxv via NX-Client.

Two new icons are available in NX-Client for MXCuBE3 (MX3) experiments. These start ADXV, Firefox (to access Hutch cameras), idappli (Front End application) but not MXCuBE


Docker Image

It is possible to install and run MXCuBE3 locally on your machine for testing or learning purpose. A docker image is available here