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RE:Questions about TANGO


Now that there is this forum, we have two different chanel to discuss about Tango.
I mean the mailing list AND this forum.

from my point of view, a mailing list is a lot easier to work with than a forum.
- you get the message straight in you mailbox and just reply to the message. (a few seconds)
- the workflow is identical for all other mailing list.

- with forum you need to:
  - click on you bookmarked forum link (hopefuly)
  - log into the tango web site 
  - find about the new discussion
  - reply using the browser.
  (more than a few seconds)

if you have another forum, you need to deal with another workflow because the other forum are not managed by the same web interface.
so you spend to much time in your browser.

I understand that usually interfaces on top of mailing list are not that sexy.
Maybe this would be a nice contribution to build this sexy interface on top of the mailling and call it "forum", with the possibility to send via the web interface an email to the mailing list for peoples which doesn not want to subscribe to the mailing list.

So my question is

- what is the connection between the mailing list and the forum ?

and a remark

- what about a wiki to structure our tought around tango on the mailing list. (the mailing list is not that appropriate to summarize a whole thread)



PS: Don't get me wrong, I like a lot the look and feell of the new website. django rocks ;)