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RE: Windows 64 bit tango installer

Hi all,
What I can provide is a "Tango 7.2.6 developer package" (bin, libs and headers) for the x64 architecture.
It doesn't include the C++ devices (database, starter, ...)  that normally come with the Windows binary distribution.
Everything has been compiled using Visual C++ 2010  and the latest Windows SDK (7.1).
It is highly recommended (if not mandatory) for the developer to use the same compiler version (see below).
I'm afraid, I won't be able to provide this package before oct 17th.

Installing Windows 2010 and the Windows SDK 7.1 :

Recommended installation order :

1 - Visual Studio 2010
2 - Windows SDK 7.1
3 - Visual Studio 2010 SP1
4 - Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Compiler Update for the Windows SDK 7.1

Download links:

Visual C++ 2010:

Windows SDK 7.1:

Visual C++ 2010 SP1:

Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Compiler Update for the Windows SDK 7.1:

How to: Configure Visual C++ Projects to Target 64-Bit Platforms:

Required preprocessor macros for Tango (devices compilation):
WIN32 (this does not mean 32 bits API :-)
WIN64 (this means 64 bits API :-)
_64BITS  (jpeg stuffs)

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Hi Andrea,

On 06/10/2011 10:43, Andrea Parenti wrote:
> Dear Emmanuel,
>  which is the expected release date? I would also need 64-bit version 
> of Tango, since I have to allocate more than 4GB memory.
Well, it depends what you want. For a complete Tango 8 distribution, you will have to wait for winter 2012.
For a tagged release candidate of Tango 8 C++ library (including Windows
64 bits), wait for December 2011.

I fully understand that you cannot wait for these delays.

You are the second one requesting Tango for Windows 64 bits therefore with Nicolas's help (from Soleil), we will try to create a zip file with Tango 7.2.6 64 bits libraries. We will then, upload this file on the pink site.
But next week, most of us are at Icalepcs 2011 conference and to be honest don't rely on this before week 42/43