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ISPYB project

The ISPyB (Information System for Protein CrystallographY Beamlines) is a LIMS dedicated to protein crystallography experiments on synchrotron beamlines, it has been recently (2013) extended to BioSaxs beamlines.

The ISPyB project was a joint development between ESRF/spine and BM14/MRC/eHTPX, based on the PXWeb ESRF project.


It is now deployed also at SOLEIL, EMBL Hamburg, and MaxLab. A gentleman's agreement has been signed with SOLEIL.

For more information on ISPyB at ESRF you may contact

Latest information about ISPyB on ISPYB news

For technical information on ISPyB you may contact

Current release - ISPyB 4.0.7

ISPyB 4.0 is born on June 4th 2015 !
This release is essentially a huge technical migration, migrating form the jboss6 server to WildFly8.2, and refactoring the project in several maven modules.

Previously ISPYB_20141106 release was installed since 06th November 2014.

This is a version shared by SOLEIL, EMBL Hamburg and MaxLab.

All source code packages and associated documentations can be downloaded from epn-campus forge


from a web browser at ISPyB

Recommended browsers are:

Internet Explorer 6+
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How to use it ?

You will find here some help pages.


Who to contact ?

For requests, feedbacks, you may contact the ISPyB team


More information

There is more information about ISPyB on the intranet site. On site visitors will find the link in the left-hand navigation column.

You can find also more information on : epn-campus forge


Various presentations of ISPyB