#restart 200mA reached


On 28 February night, the design value of 200 mA stored beam in the new EBS storage ring was reached for the first time.

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All beam parameters are already very close to those required to restart User Service mode on 25 August 2020, essentially six months ahead of schedule.

High current vacuum conditioning is being carried out in order to reach design parameters for lifetime and emittance. Unprecedented record values of ~ 800 fmrad vertical emittance and 130 pmrad horizontal emittance have been observed at few mA e-beam current few days ago.

The restart of all ID beamlines, which already have seen an X-ray beam on 30 January 2020, will begin on Monday 2 March 2020, according to plans. Two bending magnet ports devices have been installed on BM05 (ESRF) and BM16 (FAME-UHD) recently, and their effect on the lattice is in line with theoretical predictions. All ESRF teams look forward to observe the extremely bright light for BM-port CRG and ESRF beamlines soon in the next few weeks.

“An exciting new time for synchrotron science has started” said Francesco Sette, Director General, ESRF.