The ESRF Extremely Brilliant Source starts operation in User Service Mode on 25 August 2020

Online Seminar
Start Date
02-06-2020 14:00
End Date
02-06-2020 15:00
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WEBINAR 2 JUNE 2020 2.00 PM (CET)

Presentations by Francesco Sette, ESRF Director General, Pantaleo Raimondi, Director of the Accelerator & Source Division, Harald Reichert and Jean Susini, Directors of Research.

The new Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS) is gearing up for the restart of User Service Mode (USM) on 25 August 2020.

The commissioning of the EBS storage ring started according to plans on 28 November 2019 and was essentially completed by 14 March 2020. All design parameters to be reached by 25 August 2020, the planned restart of USM, have been obtained and often surpassed. The new HMBA lattice concept is now a reality, paving the way for the future generation of high-energy synchrotron light sources, and offering unprecedented tools to the scientific community for the exploration of condensed and living matter.

The COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably affected the ESRF commissioning and restart plans for 2020. Nevertheless, the guiding objective of the ESRF to return USM on 25 August 2020 is maintained within the boundary of safe working conditions on the ESRF site.

During this webinar, the Directors will present an update of the ESRF-EBS future strategy and planned activities.


  • “Status of the ESRF, advances in the ESRF-EBS programme and return to USM”, Francesco Sette, Director General – 10’
  • “Bringing the EBS storage ring to operation”, Pantaleo Raimondi, Director of the Accelerator & Source Division – 10’
  • “Update on the beamline restart and commissioning plans” and “ Restart of USM”, Harald Reichert (10’) and Jean Susini (10’), respectively, Directors of Research

All those interested are cordially invited to attend this webinar.


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