Translating structural biology into biomedical applications (iNEXT workshop)

Start Date
21-03-2018 13:30
End Date
23-03-2018 12:30
ESRF Auditorium
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Coordinator contact(s)
Eva Jahn (ESRF)
Rokhaya Tounkara (EMBL)
Scientific contact(s)
Stéphanie Monaco (ESRF)
José A. Marquez (EMBL)

The field of structural biology is going through a major revolution, enabling the study of ever more challenging targets with molecular detail and contributing to the development of biomedical applications. Multiple structure-based and biophysical approaches are now well established in industry as major tools contributing to drug development and an ever growing number of academic labs are currently applying these approaches to help develop chemical tools for research. On the other hand new methods, like those based on electron microscopy and high throughput fragment screening are rapidly changing the field.

The aim of this iNEXT workshop is to provide a meeting ground for scientists in industry and academia with a focus on translating structural biology research into biomedical applications.

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