Metallurgy with Synchrotrons

Start Date
06-12-2010 14:00
End Date
07-12-2010 15:00
ESRF Auditorium
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Coordinator contact(s)
Isabelle Combe

Scientific contact(s)
Andy Fitch
Veijo Honkimäki
Alain Jacques

A partnership between major French metallurgical groups and academic partners is aiming to take advantage of funding initiatives currently on offer from the French government which could finance a facility (high energy beamline) dedicated to research in metallurgy and materials science using synchrotron radiation. In this context of proposed French government and industrial funding, we are presented with an opportunity to strengthen the ongoing upgrade program at the ESRF.


Therefore, we are organising a Metallurgy with Synchrotrons workshop that will take place on December 6th and 7th 2010 at the ESRF.


The objectives of this workshop are to review the current status of metallurgy research at Europe, to discuss industrial demands and needs for metallurgical research, assess the demand among the wider ESRF user community, and to refine the scientific case for this proposed high energy beamline.

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