International workshop for the Materials Imaging and Dynamics Instruments at the European XFEL

Start Date
28-10-2009 09:00
End Date
29-10-2009 17:00
ESRF Auditorium
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Scientific contact(s)
A. Madsen

The International Workshop for the Materials Imaging and Dynamics Instrument at the European XFEL is taking place on October 28/29, 2009 at the ESRF in Grenoble. This workshop is the 5th in a series of workshops for the scientific user instruments of the upcoming European XFEL and addresses in particular the future scientific users of the European XFEL in the area of coherence applications using imaging and correlation spectroscopy.


Please note the date and visit the website below to find further details. The deadline for the on-line registration is Oct 19, 2009. There is no registration fee.


This workshop is sponsored by the European Community through the Pre-XFEL grant.


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