FOCUS ON COHERENCE - Informal Mini-workshop and kickoff meeting organized by ID01

Informal Mini Workshop
Start Date
09-07-2009 15:00
End Date
09-07-2009 19:00
Room MD-1-21
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Coordinator contact(s)
Isabelle Combe

Scientific contact(s)
Till Metzger

Aim of the meeting


Since about 3 years ID01 is involved in coherent diffraction imaging on nanocrystals and epitaxial nanostructures. We were planning an internal session of talks on CDI to sum up the current progress in this field at ID01 and to take advantage of the presence of our scientific visitors Virginie Chamard and Rogerio Paniago, who helped us a lot.


In view of the comments coming from some SAC members (who criticized that the different approaches in the CDRs to use the coherence of the beam at the ESRF are rather “incoherent”) I propose to install, in the long run, a “platform on CDI” at the ESRF. The present mini-workshop should be regarded as a kickoff meeting for this proposal.

To this end I have invited the group 1 and also ID10, where the major efforts on CDI are located, to attend the meeting and present their work.  The workshop is however, open to everybody interested at the ESRF.  I think it would be a good opportunity to intensify the contact with the “scisoft people“ and to initiate a joint effort for a common base for data analysis on phase retrieval.





 14:00-14:10 Introduction: Till Metzger

 14:10-16:00 CDI at ID01:                

Ana Diaz: “Phase retrieval of highly-strained epitaxial nanostructures”

Rogerio Paniago: Phase retrieval of X-ray Coherent Diffraction from extended nano objects with known illumination function”

Virginie Chamard: Crystal imaging at the nanoscale with coherent X-rays”

 16:00-16:30  Coffee break

 16:30-17:30 Talks from other groups:

Anders Madsen: The science case for coherent scattering with hard X-rays seen from ID10A's perspective”

Didier Wermeille: Coherent Diffraction at ID03: the beginning”

 17:30-18:00 Final discussion and conclusions: Till Metzger