Local Mechanical Stresses and Microdiffraction

Start Date
28-09-2006 09:00
End Date
29-09-2006 09:00
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Coordinator contact(s)
Celine Deleval

Scientific contact(s)
Odile Robach
François Rieutord
Jean-Sébastien Micha, Xavier Biquard

This workshop follows the start-up of the new white beam microdiffraction station, on the French CRG-IF beamline BM32 at ESRF. The goal is to regroup the future users of the instrument, and more generally the scientists interested in the determination of local stresses in crystalline materials.


The workshop will focus in particular on :

  • the methods to interpret and exploit quantitatively the microdiffraction data (orientation maps, strain maps, distorted Laue patterns).
  • the description and simulation of complex materials, and the way microdiffraction results could be used to make the theoretical descriptions progress.
  • the effect of internal stresses on physical properties


The official language of the workshop will be French. Talks will be given in either French or English. Viewgraphs will be in English.