Workshop Programme   IFDEPS 2018

The workshop started in the afternoon of March 11th by an opening session with a presentation on the motivation and goals of the IFDEPS forum followed by an invited introductory talk. The final discussion and wrap-up session was in the morning of March 14th after which the workshop concluded. The highlight topic of IFDEPS 2018 was Energy dispersive X-ray detection” and was covered in several sessions of the workshop.

Other topics in the programme were:

  • A facility update on ongoing detector development activities
  • First detector experiences in new photon sources
  • Strategies to produce and deal with high throughput data streams

You can download:

Programme contributors and conveners:

  • Peter Denes (LBNL, USA)
  • Heinz Graafsma (DESY, Germany)
  • Antonino Miceli (APS, ANL, USA)
  • Matteo Porro (E-XFEL, Germany)
  • Peter Siddons (NSLS-II, BNL, USA)
  • Bernd Schmitt (PSI, Switzerland)
  • Nicola Tartoni (DLS, UK)
  • Gabriella Carini (BNL, USA)
  • Takaki Hatsui (SPring-8, Japan)
  • Pablo Fajardo (ESRF, France)

Represented photon sources:

  •   ALBA, Spain (Oscar Matilla)
  •   ALS, US (Peter Denes)
  •   APS, US (Antonino Miceli)
  •   CLS, Canada (Tom Regier)
  •   DESY, Germany (Heinz Graafsma)
  •   DLS, UK (Nicola Tartoni)
  •   ELETTRA, Italy (Ralf Menk)
  •   ESRF, France (Pablo Fajardo)
  •   European XFEL, Germany (Markus Kuster)
  •   LCLS, US (Jana Thayer)
  •   LNLS, Brazil (Jean-Marie Polli)
  •   MAX-IV, Sweden (Stefan Carlson)
  •   NSLS-II, US (Peter Siddons)
  •   NSRRC, Taiwan (Yu-Shan Huang)
  •   PAL, Korea (Hyojung Hyun)
  •   Photon Factory, Japan (Shunji Kishimoto)
  •   PSI, Switzerland (Bernd Schmitt)
  •   SACLA, Japan (Takaki Hatsui)
  •   SOLEIL, France (Fabiene Orsini)
  •   SPring-8, Japan (Yasuhiko Imai)
  •   SSRF, China (Fei Song)