Workshop Programme   IFDEPS 2018


Full programme: (link to be added)

The workshop will start in the afternoon of March 11th by an opening session with a presentation on the motivation and goals of the IFDEPS forum followed by an invited introductory talk. The final discussion and wrap-up session will be in the morning of March 14th after which the workshop will be concluded. The organisation will provide transportation from Geneva to the workshop venue on the very early afternoon of Sunday 11th as well as at the end of the morning of Wednesday 14th. See the venue and transportation page for details.

The highlight topic of IFDEPS 2018 is Energy dispersive X-ray detection” that will be covered in several sessions of the workshop.

Other topics in the programme are:

  • A facility update on ongoing detector development activities
  • First detector experiences in new photon sources
  • Strategies to produce and deal with high throughput data streams


Confirmed speakers:

  • Douglas Bennett, NIST, US 
  • Graham Denis, Diamond Light Source, UK
  • Carlo Fiorini, Politecnico de Milano, Italy
  • Andreas Fleischmann, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Michael Krisch, ESRF, France
  • Paul O'Connor, Brookhaven National Lab, US
  • Masataka Ohkubo, AIST, Japan
  • Abdul Rumaiz, Brookhaven National Lab, US
  • Paul Sellin, University of Surrey, UK
  • Matt Veale, STFC, UK

Programme contributors and conveners:

  • Peter Denes (LBNL, USA)
  • Heinz Graafsma (DESY, Germany)
  • Antonino Miceli (APS, ANL, USA)
  • Matteo Porro (E-XFEL, Germany)
  • Peter Siddons (NSLS-II, BNL, USA)
  • Bernd Schmitt (PSI, Switzerland)
  • Nicola Tartoni (DLS, UK)
  • Gabriella Carini (SLAC, USA)
  • Takaki Hatsui (SPring-8, Japan)
  • Pablo Fajardo (ESRF, France)