Invited Speaker presentations

Graham Appleby and Irene Prencipe - EUCALL initiatives

Patrick Audebert - High pressure produced by laser: Challenges and limitations

Alessandra Benuzzi-Mounaix - Results on laser compression experiments for warm dense matter study in the domain 1-10 Mar

Neil Bourne - Dynamic Mechanics; outside the box

Eric Brambrink - Dynamic material response under high strain rates: Phase transition dynamics

Brian Jensen - Dynamic Compression Experiments at the APS

Dominik Kraus - Diagnostics of shock-compressed matter at X-ray facilities

Marius Millot - Dynamic Compression with sub-kJ Lasers at photon facilities

Arnaud Sollier - From quasi static to dynamic compression: A unique opportunity to study the influence of kinetics on various physical phenomena

Andreas Schropp - Magnified X-Ray Phase-Contrast Imaging at the LCLS

Ray Smith - High Pressure X-ray Diffraction Experiments on the Omega and NIF Laser Facilities

Volodymyr Svitlyk - Plans for a  XRD/XRI/XES beamline for dynamic compression studies at ESRF

Raffaella Torchio - Laser and Interface with th ID24 Beamline (HPFL-I)

Ulf Zastrau - Dynamic laser compression at XFELs: pushing boundaries and identifying challenges

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