Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts on subjects of interest to the International High-power RF community.

Abstract submission will start on 12 February 2016, using the CERN Indico system (click HERE). The length of the abstract should not exceed 200 words.

Please note:

  • The Scientific Programme Committee may request that some of the submitted contributions be presented as posters.
  • All talks presented at the workshop will be made public; authors may not claim that some of the presented information is proprietary or cannot be divulged.
  • Participants from industry are invited to submit only talks of a technical or scientific nature and no product adverstising for their company.  The Scientific Programme Committee may refuse abstracts for oral presentations if they do not comply with this requirement.
  • A limited amount of space will be made available for participants from companies who wish to present a poster advertising their products and/or small product samples filling not more than one table or the equivalent space.  This will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  If you would like to request space please contact the Local Organising Committee at

Main areas that will be covered:

1.  High Power RF System Status and Operating Experience

  • Facility status reports on upgrades, performance, and reliability
  • High-power component testing/conditioning processes and results
  • New projects
  • Novel solutions to difficult problems
  • Hardware failures worthy of mention

2.  RF Power Amplifier Technology – New Developments and Performance

  • Linear beam devices (klystron, IOT, TWT)
  • Multi-beam designs
  • Gridded tubes
  • Solid state, GaN, Si LDMOS, SiC
  • RF power combining methods
  • Cost and size comparison between solid state and vacuum tube designs
  • Efficiency
  • Amplifier linearization

3.  RF Combination and Distribution for High Power Systems

  • Transmission systems, coaxial and waveguide
  • Combiner strategies and topologies
  • Cavity input couplers
  • RF Loads

4.  High Power RF Interlock System Design and Operation

  • Automated processes - development and implementation
  • Personnel-safety interlocks and strategies - High voltage, RF radiation, X-rays
  • Non-ionizing radiation monitoring and hazard control

5.  Control Devices for High Power RF

  • Switches, waveguide and coaxial
  • Waveguide shutters
  • Ferrite devices (circulators, isolators)
  • Cavity HOM dampers

6.  DC Power Supply Systems and Strategies for High Power RF Amplifiers

  • Transformer-rectifier systems
  • Switching regulators
  • Low stored energy systems
  • DC power generation topology for large solid state RF systems
  • Solid state replacements for thyratron and ignitron crowbar systems
  • Solid state high voltage regulators

7.  New Trends in Industry for High Power RF

  • Best amplifier technology for 117MHz?

Submission deadline: 27 May 2016