Non-conventional imaging workshop for Industry, June

Welcome! You will find here all information regarding the workshop focused on imaging techniques available at the ESRF.


Going boldly beyond routine imaging


24 to 26 June, 2015 (noon-to-noon, 2 nights)


The European Synchrotron
71 avenue des Martyrs
Grenoble, France

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Learning the advantages of synchrotron X-rays for imaging


Synchrotron X-rays extend the capacity of traditional X-ray imaging, to produce both 2D and 3D and even 4D (time-resolved) pictures of high resolution and contrast.

This workshop will introduce you to the advantages of the various full-field and scanning imaging techniques available at the European Synchrotron, offering complementary morphological, structural and chemical characterisations.

PLUS Half a day of practical work at the synchrotron
Bring your sample to work on (sample limits to be specified later)

For :

Industrial scientists and engineers interested in revealing internal micro-structures and composition inside complex materials, in various hard or soft matter, from micro and nano-electronics to glasses, ice cream and cosmetics.

Registration open

16 March to 22 May 2015


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250€ VAT included, including coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and practical work


For more information, contact Luc Dancer (email or phone +33 (0)4 76 88 40 43)

Please note we will not provide accommodation. We can however advise you on the surrounding area.

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List of topics

  • Tomography
  • Nano-imaging
  • Nano-analysis
  • IR and X-ray Microscopy
  • Diffraction Contrast Tomography
  • Future Diffraction Constrast Imaging
  • Coherence Diffraction Imaging
  • K-mapping
  • Ptychography and X-ray fluorescence
  • Dark-field Microscopy

Plus an introduction from our partner Novitom.