How to reach Grenoble and ESRF?

Information on the EPN Campus pages:

Tram line "B" serves downtown Grenoble, including the bus and railway station. It allows easy access (even at night) from downtown Grenoble to the ESRF.

How to reach Villard-de-Lans from Grenoble?

The conference will organize transportation by bus from Grenoble to Villard de Lans on Monday 5 October evening.

The conference will organize transportation by bus from Villard de Lans to Grenoble on Thursday 8 October morning and on Friday 9 October evening.

The "Transisère Bus Line 5100" can be used for your convenience between Grenoble (Bus Station) and Villard-de-Lans (last stop):

Villard-de-Lans taxi company: 65 € for 1 to 4 passengers from 7 to 18:15, 85€ after 18:15. Send an email to or call +33 685 424 066

Invitation Letter for VISA

If you require a VISA to come to France for the conference, we will send you an invitation letter after you have sent us an email including the following information:

  • Family name, first name, birth date, passport number: all information should be exactly as stated on your passport
  • Your employer or institute name
  • The postal address the invitation letter should be sent to.