With great pleasure the Grenoble synchrotron radiation community welcomes you to the eight Medical Applications of Synchrotron Radiation (MASR2015) conference jointly organized by the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and the Centre Hospitalière Universitaire, Grenoble, France, with the strong support of the COST Action TD1205 (SYRA3).

The conference will be held in Grenoble and Villard de Lans from Monday 5th to Thursday 8th October followed, on Friday 9th October, by a session dedicated to the Working Group Meetings of the COST Action.

Following the spirit of the previous meetings, the main scope of MASR2015 is to provide a lively forum establishing interdisciplinary communication channels between the synchrotron radiation facilities/programs worldwide and physicians, physicists and biologists involved in the present day medical research at synchrotrons, as well as with more conventional techniques related to the synchrotron radiation research topics.

MASR2015 is the 8th in a series of workshops and conferences initially organized in Daigo, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan (1992) then in Haga, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan (1997), in Grenoble, France (2001), Trieste, Italy (2004), Saskatoon, Canada (2007), Melbourne, Australia (2010), and eventually Shanghai, China (2012).

We trust that the congress and the social events will offer opportunities for fruitful discussions as well as the possibility to initiate new friendship, collaborations and joint projects.


We thank you for your participation and look forward to seeing you in Grenoble!


Alberto Bravin (ESRF) and  François Estève ( CHU)