The seminars will be held in the ESRF Auditorium, starting at 2 p.m

  1. Jose Baruchel: Tuesday 18 November 2014 - "X-ray imaging at the ESRF: an historical view": pdf of the presentation  available here.
  2. Paul Tafforeau: Monday 19 January 2015 - "Applications of synchrotron X-ray imaging in palaeontology, a synthesis after 14 years of experiments": pdf of the presentation is available here.
  3. Alexander Rack: Tuesday 3 March 2015 -  "On the possibilities of hard X-ray imaging with high spatio-temporal resolution" : pdf of the presentation available here.
  4. Tobias Schulli: Tuesday 28 April 2015 - "Microscopy with and without microscopes: X-ray imaging under diffraction conditions": pdf of the presentation avaible here.
  5. Peter Cloetens: Tuesday 2 June 2015 - "Magnified phase imaging, near-field ptychography and fluorescence analysis with a hard X-ray nanoprobe": pdf of the presentation available here.
  6. Alessandro Mirone: Tuesday 16 June 2015 - "Established and recent Iterative methods for imaging:  theory and applications from coherent diffraction imaging to tomographic reconstruction with a-priori knowledge": pdf of the presentation available here. Please note that this file had to be compressed to meet our web interface requirements. If you need the full file, please send your request by email to
  7. Alberto Bravin: Date to be confirmed - "Applications of phase contrast imaging to biomedicine".


Please note that the Université Joseph Fourier (UJF) will grant to the UJF PhD students attending it 1 credit for every 6 hours of courses.