Second Chemistry Bridge Mini Symposium with the Central Theme of Catalysis

Mini Symposium
Start Date
20-06-2017 13:30
End Date
20-06-2017 18:00
Auditorium, Central Building
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Eva Jahn
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Maciej Jankowski
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Second Chemistry Bridge Mini Symposium
with the Central Theme of Catalysis

Tuesday 20th June, 13:30 pm
ESRF auditorium

13:30        Maciej Jankowski ,                   Introduction
                   Jakub Drnec

13:45        Jeniffer Herbert                        Stacking Faults in Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts: Correlating
                                                                            Nanostructural Variations with Changes in Activity

14:05        Yohan Fuchs                               X-rays scattering - toward atomic scale understanding of
                                                                            practical catalysis

14:25        Alessandro Longo                     Combined set-up for catalysis application at DUBBLE

14:50        Kirill Lomachenko                     Tackling complexity of the Cu-CHA zeolite catalysts by X-ray
                                                                            absorption spectroscopy

15:20        Coffee break

15:35        Juan Rubio-Zuazo                    Simultaneous combination of Grazing Incidence XRD and Hard
                                                                            X-ray PES for catalysis studies

16:00        Tobias Schulli                              Diffraction imaging techniques for operando catalysis studies

16:25        Jakub Drnec                                Improving the fuel cell catalysts by defects engineering

16:45        Francesco Carla                        Surface x-ray diffraction for operando characterization of
                                                                            chemical reactions on surfaces

17:05        Antonios Vamvakeros           Real time chemical imaging of catalytic membrane reactors
                                                                            with XRD-CT

17:25        Open discussion

The minisymposium will be followed by the short discussion about the future of the catalysis research at ESRF.

Everyone is welcomed!

Visitors from off-site please contact Eva Jahn tel +33 (0)4 76 88 26 19 to arrange for a gate pass.
Requests made by e-mail will be confirmed.
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