Physics at INFN Gran Sasso Laboratories

ESRF-ILL Joint Colloquia
Start Date
28-09-2018 15:00
End Date
28-09-2018 17:00
Auditorium, Central Building
Speaker's name
Fernando FERRONI
Speaker's institute
INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso - Italy
Contact name
Fabienne Mengoni
Host name
Patrick BRUNO (ESRF) and Uli KOESTER (ILL)
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The LNGS is the most important national laboratory of INFN. It is the largest underground lab in the world and it is leader in the searches of Dark Matter and Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay. It has hosted key experiments in neutrino physics like OPERA and ICARUS and thanks to Borexino it has confirmed the Standard Solar Model and the mechanism of oscillations in matter. We are preparing the future at the lab (where more than half of the researchers come from outside Italy) to maintain the leadership in the above mentioned fields and in Nuclear Astrophysics. We also host at the lab researchers in Earth Science and Biology.
Visitors from off-site please contact Fabienne Mengoni tel +33 (0)4 76 88 20 44 to arrange for a gate pass.
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