Coherence Seminar: An insider's guide to the MID instrument at the European XFEL

Start Date
28-09-2018 11:00
End Date
28-09-2018 13:00
Room 1-10, Common Building
Speaker's name
Joerg Hallmann
Speaker's institute
European XFEL, MID
Contact name
Ewa Wyszynska
Host name
Oier Bikondoa
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The unique properties of hard X-ray laser beams generated by
the European XFEL will enable completely new experiments in materials science. In
particular, the Materials Imaging and Dynamics (MID) station will offer
extended capabilities for scattering and imaging experiments, e.g.
coherent X-ray diffractive imaging (CXDI) and X-ray photon correlation
spectroscopy (XPCS), compared to present state-of-the-art facilities.
Based on the high degree of coherence, the exceptional flux, and the
ultra-short pulses of the X-ray laser it will be possible to
investigate materials with unprecedented resolution in space and time.

During the talk, general information about the European XFEL facility
will be given as well as details about the instrumentation at the MID
station. This includes X-ray optics components, diagnostic devices, sample
environment strategies, and possibilities of sample excitation as
optical lasers and pulsed magnetic fields. Special attention will be given to
unique parts of the MID instrument as a Split&Delay line, Polarimeter
setup, and a mirror for liquid surface scattering experiments.

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