The Sample Environment Service-HP can gas load DACs if your experiment requires it.

Gases used: Helium, Argon, Nitrogen and Neon.

Only written requests for DAC gas loadings will be treated (at least 3 weeks in advance). Please send your request to

- List of persons allowed for membrane DAC-gas loading:
J.Jacobs, SESS, main operator (21 99)
G.Garbarino, ID27 main operator (19 87)
M.Hanfland, ID09, additional operator
I.Kantor, ID24, additional operator
P.Parisiadis, ID27, additional operator
V.Svitlyk, ID27, additional operator

- List of persons allowed for mechanical DAC-gas loading :
M.Hanfland, ID09, additional operator

The person in charge of gas-loading the DAC depends on which beamline the experiment is taking place. 

Here you can check the calendar and see when we are available.