The Sample Environment Service-HP can gas load DAC’s for those whom experience requires it.

Gases used: Helium, Argon, Nitrogen and Neon.

Only written requests for DAC Gas loadings will be threated (at least 3 weeks in advance). Please send your request to

- List of persons allowed for membrane DAC-Gas loading:
J.Jacobs, SESS, main operator (21 99)
G.Garbarino, ID27 main operator (19 87)
M.Hanfland, ID09, additional operator
I.Kantor, ID24, additional operator
P.Parisiadis, ID27, additional operator
V.Svitlyk, ID27, additional operator

- List of persons allowed for mechanical DAC-Gas loading :
M.Hanfland, ID09, additional operator

Depending on which beam line your experiment will be done, the proper person will be contacted to do your gas loading.

Here you can check the calendar and see where we are available.