The Sample Environment Support Service, High Pressure (SESS-HP) is giving service to all beam lines who are doing Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC) experiments at the ESRF.

This service consists of offering a fully equipped DAC-preparation laboratory, situated in sector 21.0.12&13. (From autumn 2014 onwards, now still temporary on ID27)

In this HP-DAC preparation laboratory you can find everything one needs for preparing your DAC experiment.

You can use this laboratory either to prepare your own cells which you’ve brought or benefit of our SESS-HP loan pool DAC’s.

We offer Olympus microscopes with digital cameras attached for taking pictures of your sample.

In the SESS-HP loan pool we have either manual pressure drives (BETSA) or Automatic pressure drives (Sanchez Technologies).

For drilling your gasket we are equipped with a Laser drill facility and a EDM (electro-erosion drilling).

Our Gas Loading System (Sanchez Technologies) is making it possible to have sample environment gas loaded.