The train service in France will be seriously disrupted by several strikes, from 2 April 2018 to 28 June 2018 (exact dates below - strike dates in red, bank holidays in green).

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These rolling strikes will be carried out on two days out of every five during this period and therefore the travel options open to users will be seriously affected by these strikes.

No train bookings will be made by the ESRF on the dates of the strikes, and users requesting reimbursement by the ESRF must not book train travel on those dates either. Please note that the ESRF will not pay for alternative transport should a train booked by a user on one of the strike dates be cancelled. If you are a reimbursed user and have already booked train travel on one of these dates, please contact the ESRF Travel Office immediately (traveloff@esrf.fr).

The Travel Office will instead look for alternative dates for train travel (the ESRF will cover the extra costs for the Guesthouse and meals if an extended stay is required, within the maximum number of days usually authorised for the experiment). An alternative means of transport (plane, shared private car) will only be considered if the cost is comparable to the price of the train ticket and respects the ESRF Travel Regulations.

We ask you to pay particular care to your travel arrangements in this period, and to make any requests as early as possible to ensure that the trip is as smooth as possible.

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