Next Review committees: 27th-28th April 2017


Review committees meet twice a year: in April and October for proposals submitted on 1st March and 10th September, respectively

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The review committee of 27th and 28th April 2017 will review the LTPs proposals submitted for the 15th January 2017 deadline and the Standard and BAG proposals submitted for the 1st March 2017 deadline.

Kindly note that Experiment Reports to be transmitted to the proposal Review Committee members for their meeting in April, need to be submitted via the User Portal before 6 March 2017. Should you wish to submit a confidential report for assessment by the proposal review panels, please send the report as a pdf file by email to

Reports on Long Term Projects are due at the end of each year of allocated beam time.

Consult also "Proposal Review Process and Review Committee"