Organisation of the User Visit and Reimbursement

In 2019, when neither the ESRF nor the ILL are in operation, the onsite Guesthouse will be closed and the onsite restaurant will only be open on weekday lunchtimes (Monday to Friday).

If you are coming to the ESRF in 2019 as a user of the Cryo-EM facility, please note the following information carefully:

When the ILL is in operation:

The organisation of user visits and reimbursement for ESRF Cryo-EM experiments will be as normal, i.e. accommodation at the onsite Guesthouse and meals taken at the onsite restaurant (meal credits prepaid for subsidised users).

When the ILL is not in operation:

  • users will be accommodated in a hotel downtown

For subsidised users, the ESRF will cover up to 2 bus/tram tickets per day per user for transport from the hotel to the ESRF and back again.

  • meals on weekday lunchtimes must be taken at the onsite restaurant
  • meals on evenings and weekends must be taken in town since the onsite restaurant will be closed

The ESRF contribution to meals for subsidised users is made on the following basis :

  • Meals taken at the onsite restaurant : 7.47€
  • Meals taken in town when onsite restaurant unavailable : 14.75€

Subsidised users will have their meals pre-paid on their user badge as normal, on a basis of 2 meals per day at 7.47€ per meal at the onsite restaurant. For meals which have to be taken offsite due to closure of the onsite restaurant (weekday evenings and weekends), the ESRF will reimburse the difference of 7.28€ between the offsite rate and the onsite restaurant rate on presentation of the receipt for the meal taken offsite, as well as the credit remaining on the user badge at the end of the stay (corresponding to the meals not taken at the onsite restaurant but for which credit was added).


A user arriving on Sunday 20 Jan and leaving on Thur 24 Jan will have 8 meals prepaid on the user badge. If the onsite restaurant is open for the meals of Monday to Thursday lunchtimes = 4 meals, and the remaining 4 meals (Sunday to Wednesday evening) have to be taken offsite, the ESRF contribution for meals will be 88.86€ (4 meals at onsite rate plus 4 meals at offsite rate).

The ESRF will reimburse directly to the user the money remaining on the user badge for onsite meals, plus the difference between the onsite and offsite rates for the meals taken offsite. The sum of credits used by the user from the badge at the onsite restaurant and the money reimbursed directly to the user will equal 88.86€.

If the user spends more or less than the standard rate during the 4 meals which are taken onsite, this is not a problem since the ESRF will simply reimburse the remainder of money on the badge as well as the 7.28€ supplement for meals which had to be taken in town.

When the ILL is not in operation but workshops are taking place:

There may be some periods where the ILL is not running but where the Guesthouse and/or restaurant are open as usual due to large workshops taking place on the EPN Campus. When the onsite restaurant is open, Cryo-EM users are expected to take their meals at the onsite restaurant.