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Selective nonsteroidal glucocorticoid receptor modulators for the inhaled treatment of pulmonary diseases

Hemmerling M., Nilsson S., Edman K., Eirefelt S., Russell W., Hendrickx R., Johnsson E., Kärrman Mårdh C., Berger M., Rehwinkel H., Abrahamsson A., Dahmén J., Eriksson Anders R., Gabos B., Henriksson K., Hossain N., Ivanova S., Jansson A., Jensen Tina J., Jerre A., Johansson H., Klingstedt T., Lepistö M., Lindsjo M., Mile I., Nikitidis G., Steele J., Tehler U., Wissler L., Hansson T.,
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 60, 8591-8605 (2017)

Methane to methanol: Structure–activity relationships for Cu-CHA

Pappas D.K., Borfecchia E., Dyballa M., Pankin I.A., Lomachenko K.A., Martini A., Signorile M., Teketel S., Arstad B., Berlier G., Lamberti C., Bordiga S., Olsbye U., Lillerud K.P., Svelle S., Beato P.,
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 14961-14975 (2017)