The sample stage and sample holder of the micro X-ray diffraction end-station are compatible with the ID21 X-ray and FTIR sample holders. It is thus easy to move the sample from one end-station to another conserving the same sample holder, without dismounting the sample. Samples have to fit in 22 mm diameter disk (see SXM sample holders).


For measurements in transmission, samples should be thin enough to allow a sufficient transmission of the X-ray (incoming and diffracted) beams. A typical transmission of 50% at 8.5 keV is recommended. Please consult the tutorial for the preparation of double-side polished thin sections.


Micro-diffraction end-station sample holder with a sample mounted.


sample-holder-capillaries-min.jpgCapillaries can be mounted on peak plate for references analyses. To obtain a X-ray diffraction signal in transmission, we recommend to use capillaries with a maximum diameter of 200 µm. Capillaries can be filled up on the beamline. ID21 can provide quartz, special glass and Kapton capillaries if you need a reasonable quantity (otherwise, please bring your own capillaries).



Sample holder for capillaries with eleven glass and kapton capillaries.