Source and insertion device are in common with the main branch. In agreement with the fixed energy of 8.53 keV, U32 insertion device is used with fixed gap and the M0 mirror coating is Rh.


From the main branch to the side-branch

After M0 mirror used for harmonic rejections, the side branch is deviated from the main axis using a beam-steering Ni-B4C multilayer optimized for 8.5 keV. The experimental bandwidth value of the multilayer is 74 eV.



A double Si111 crystal channel cut monochromator (CCM), cooled with N2 gas flow, is used to obtain a monochromatic beam at the energy of 8.53 keV. The monochromator crystals can be removed from the X-ray beam path to work with pink beam.


Beryllium window

A 200 micron Be window, water-cooled and under N2 flux, closes the under vacuum part of the beamline.


Fast shutter

A Bruker millisecond fast-shutter, synchronized with the CCD, is placed between the Be window and the KB slits, to protect samples from X-rays and allow readout of the 2D detector. The fast shutter is in a specific vacuum chamber to reduce the path of the X-ray beam under atmosphere. The chamber is closed using kapton thin foils on each side of the fast shutter.


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