Dry solid samples

In the case of dry solid samples, the sample is mounted on a circular flat plate drilled with one or several central holes (A), the plate is then screwed on the ring (B), which is then inserted in the sample stage (C). The sample is preferably mounted on the front side of the plate, but if needed, it can also be mounted on the back side, provided it fits in the 22 mm diameter.

The sample can be glued on the holder or clamped between 2 plates. The sample holder hole can also be covered with thin Ultralene film (SPEX-CERTIPREP) to maintain the sample without glue.


Insertion of the sample holder in the sample stage from rear side


Sample plates

Standard sample holders

Please find hereafter the drawings of the different models of standard sample holders:


One possible way of mounting the samples is to seal them between two polymer foils (Ultralene, SPEX-CERTIPREP) using a "clip" sample holder.








Block samples

Samples embedded in a block of resin can also be mounted on special sample holders with a large aperture and maintained by lateral screws. The surface of the sample ideally needs to be polished (or at least to be as flat as possible) and to be aligned with the top of the holder, so that it falls in the correct focal plane in the X-ray microscope.


Holders for "block" samples


Wet samples

If needed, special wet cells are available to analyze liquids or to keep the sample hydrated during data acquisition, even under vacuum conditions.

Wet Cells



The mounting of the wet cell is performed as shown here:


Mounting of a wet cell for liquid samples

Cryo conditions

Fragile or frozen samples may require to be kept at low temperature during data acquisition. The SXM is equipped with a cryo-stage and special sample holders maintaining the sample temperature down to 110K , please contact beamline staff for further details.