ID01 is a x-ray diffraction and scattering beamline delivering beams down to 100 nm devoted to the study of a wide variety of materials, from nanostructures to bulk materials, with the ability to perform imaging and strain studies using coherent x-ray diffraction methods and/or nanodiffraction. ID01 is also dedicated to SAXS, GID and GISAXS.

ID01 reopened after upgrade in December 2014.





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Mini Cryostat


A special He-flow cryostat has been developped for ID01 for temperatures down to 2.5 K. It restricts angular movements of the sampleto one axis and can be equipped with windows of different size to adapt the required accessible angular range.

Probing mechanical properties of nano-objects


The investigation of semiconductor nanostructures is widely regarded to be one of the most important issues concerning the development of new technologies [more info...]

Maxthal furnace for micro-diffraction at high temperatures

maxthal furnace


Diffraction studies in a temperature range from RT up to 1200oC, in vacuum, in air or oxygen atmosphere, can be performed using the Maxthal furnace, developed by B. Gorges and the SES group at the ESRF. [more info...]

CDI of a single nanowire using focussed X-ray beam


The cross-section of an InAs nanowire with a diameter of 150 nm epitaxially grown on a 111-oriented InP substrate was characterized [more info...]

Setup for Grazing Incidence Diffraction (GID)

At the new (3+2 circles) nano-diffraction end-station of ID01, installed at the beginning of 2011 and optimized for sub-micron diffraction on nano-scale objects, also Grazing Incidence Diffraction experiments are possible using the vertical scattering geometry. Using a specific configuration of the goniometer motors [more info...]