There are a number of detectors that are available on ID01. For most applications using small beams, a Si-based 2D pixel detector (Maxipix) with 516x516 pixels and 55 micrometer pixel size is used.

For full field diffraction microscopy, a 5 Megapixel cmos/ scinitllator based camera with 7 micrometer pixel size is the most adapted device

Other detectors can be used occasionally


Here is an overview of the detectors:

Type Medium Vacuum compatible Application Energy range (keV) Energy resolution
Dynamic range Remarks
Point detectors (occasional use)
Pin diodes (callibrated) SI diode ? Yes alignment/calibration 4-20 ? ??? 1013 or more Energy calibarted
Cyberstar (scintillator) NaI No
WAXS (+ analyser)
in vacuum
4-100+ aprox. 20% 4 x 104 Max. countrate = 1.5 x 105 /s
ROENTEC (Solid state) Si No Energy resolved 1-15 1% ??? Special housing for vacuum available
AMPTEK (Solid state) Si
??? Fluorescence 2(?)-15
2% ? ??? ???
Area detectors (mostly the best solution)
Maxipix photon counting pixel detector No Nanodiffraction/ CDI 6-17 40% 2 x 105 ph/s/pixel  
Andor Zyla GdOS or CsI scintillators fiber coupled to CMOS Yes in detector box only for full field imaging in long detector arm (2.5 to 6.5 m from sample 6-40 N.A. (integrating) 30 000 ph/s/pixel 2.5-6.5 meters downstream the sample