3DXRD is a far field diffraction technique capable of reconstructing polycrystalline materials from the individual diffraction spots recorded in the diffraction pattern given that the crystallographic parameters of the material are known. The success of the technique is based on the ability of the individual diffraction spots to be separated. This means there is a trade off between the number of grains and the degree of strain that is meaurable. These factors should be discussed with one of the beamline scientists.

Sample environment

Unlike DCT, a full 360 degree rotation is not required so the technique is applicable with a range of sample environments. ID11 has an ADMET stress rig which has a changeable 5kN and 500N load cell.

Data reduction

For the data reduction, the beamline recommends using the "fable" source code (click here for a link) which offers a number of command line scripts for processing the data.