Please use this ONLY during your scheduled time or after an agreement with your local contact since it will affect the people currently working on the beamline.

Your desktop on NXVISITOR (NX v4.0) or on BET (NX v3.5) should look like this:



Double-click on the icon for the appropriate beamline on the NX desktop. You will be asked to confirm and to enter the opidXX password (only the first time you log in to a beamline), and then a series of windows necessary to perform the experiment will appear:

  1. mxCuBE
  2. sample changer software
  3. diffraction image viewer: adxv and/or albula
  4. IDappli to display the status of the synchrotron
  5. terminal window on the beamline control PC (green background)
  6. terminal window on mxproc for manual data processing (light brown background)
  7. terminal window on rnice for data transfer (pink background)
  8. web browser with beamline homepage and ISPyB


The video cameras for the experimental hutches are only accessible from inside the ESRF with these URLs:

Beamline           Web Camera Address

ID23-1                http://id231video1

ID23-2                http://id232video1

ID29                   http://id29video1 or http://id29video3

ID30A3     for the hutch and

                           http://id30aeh2video2/view/viewer_index.shtml for the sample view

ID30B        for a hutch overview and

                   for the sample environment


To access these URLs, you may either use the firefox running inside NX, or you can open the links in a browser running directly on your computer by accessing the ESRF internal network via the SSL gateway and logging in with your experiment number credentials.

When you don't look at the cameras, remember to close or minimize the window because otherwise it might slow down the network connection.