The ID30 setup is based on a canted undulator setup producing two independent sources one used at a fixed energy for MASSIF and the other allowing tuneable energy used on ID30B/MAD. Both sources have an offset of ± 2.2 mrad relative to the mid of the straight section. While MASSIF is using the light produced at the +2.2 mrad source, the ID30B/MAD branch is setup on the -2.2 mrad part. Using two diamond crystal monochromators, the beam can be split into the experimental hutches for MASSIF-1 (EH1) and MASSIF-2 (EH2). The straight through beam after the second diamond monochromator impinges on a lN2-colled Si(111) monochromator producing the light for the mini-beam beam line MASSIF-3 located as well as MASSIF-2 in EH2.



Parameter Values
Period [mm] 21.2
Lenght [m] 2 x 1.4
Minimum Gap [mm] 11
B max [T] 0.41
K max 0.82




See here the Front-End Overview.