A description of the FlexHCD Sample changer is here

MXCuBE2 Sample Changer Tab




I entered the hutch while the robot was moving

1. Do not do this again

2. Close the hutch, Abort the robot and Home the robot

Robot is stuck/not moving

1. Robot is not moving (no action at loading/unloading, Clean gripper, Home)

Abort robot and do Home

2. If Robot is still not moving

Close MXCuBE2 and kill the flex_id29 device server in the dserver window (see below)

Note: If you restart the device server, MXCuBE in the Hutch (touch screen) needs to be killed and restarted (Icons are on desktop)


Robot and dewar are stuck/not moving

1. you cannot move the robot or open the dewar port

2. No air pressure is in the system (You can open the User port of the dewar without much effort)

3. If any of the Robot emergency button has been pressed (On the experimental table, on the Robot Joypad) lift it back

4. Rearm the Electronic rack at the very end of the Experimental hutch

5. Restart device server as described above

If this does not fix the problem

1. Turn off and then on the Electronic Rack and Rearm

2. Restart device server as described above

MXCuBE in Hutch (Touch screen) is stuck, not responding>

1. Drag the windows

2. Double click on Stop MXCuBE

3. Wait 20 seconds, Double click on Start MXCuBE

4. If the above is not working, access the machine via the wireless keyboard

MXCuBE shows a sample mounted but no sample is on gonio

1. Or you manually removed the sample

2. Click on Reset Sample in the SC detail tab

3. Carry on