Detector software restart 

ID29right2_b-crop155x195.pngDuring normal operation two Servers are needed to operate the Pilatus detector - Pilatus Server and Camserver - which run in two separate xterm session, as in figure. Both applications must be running to collect data. Camserver is the Dectris server the control the detector; Pilatus Device server is the bliss server that interfaces spec and MXCuBE2 with the Camserver. In case you are experience problem with the Pilatus, such as fuzzy images, data collection doesn't start, data collection failing you can stop the Pilatus software by clicking on the icon "Stop Pilatus Device Server"

To restart the Pilatus software you need to start Camserver. To do this, click on the Start Icon and then on

"Start camserver".


The terminal below will open

 Start camserver1Start camserver2

 In this terminal type ./ and press enter

 Now click on the icon "Start Pilatus Device Server" on the right screen (id29control:1)

or by typing in a terminal on p1-id29 during a remote access. You will have two windows, "Pilatus - do not close" where camserver runs, and "Pilatus server".

After Start Pilatus, if Camserver restarted correctly you will get something as follow in the camserver terminal

 Channel 0: Temperature = 33.2C, Rel. Humidity = 19.3%
 Channel 1: Temperature = 26.7C, Rel. Humidity = 29.1%
 Channel 2: Temperature = 29.9C, Rel. Humidity = 0.0%
dbglvl 1
Connection request from
Connection has full control; pid = 2747
* Energy is not set
 Exposure time set to: 1.0000000 sec.
 Exposure period set to: 1.015000 sec
 Image path:
 Delay time set to: 0.000000 sec.
 Exposures per frame set to: 1
 Preparing camera for exposure: warmup.edf
  Setting B**_M**_CHSEL PATTERN to 0xffff (hardware pattern: 0xffff)
  Starting 1.0000000 second background: 2016-11-03T02:39:42.541
--  /ramdisk/images/warmup.edf

Note that the temperature on Channel 1 must be around 25C and the Humidity on the Channel 2 is 0% (must be lower than 25%) to be able to operate the detector.

In the Pilatus server

terminal you get

Failed to import EventChannelFactory notifd/factory/pilatus29 from the Tango database

At this point MXCuBE need to be restart to regain comunication with the device server. If a remote session is present remember to restart it as well

Last restart MXCuBE

Detector software restart - Remote Access

When logged in id29control type

- to stop all servers

- to start camserver - a new terminal will open, in this type ./ (see above)

- to start Pilatus Device Server

Last restart MXCuBE

Detector temperature and Humidity

The Pilatus 6M operates between 15C and 35C. The operation temperature is set at 23 C. If the temperature is too high, or too low a warning will appear in the camserver application preventing the detector from being used.

Check if the chiller (placed between Experimental and Optic Hutch) is on and if the temperature set is correct (23C).

The green button on the right switch the chiller on and off. After turning it on, press the enter button (Enter) on the right for few seconds.


If in the temperature is too high you will get a warning in the Camserver and you will not be able to collect data.

The same applies if the humidity is too high. Humidity is kept at reasonable values fluxing N2 gas inside the detector (blue tube in the image below).

Pilatus N2

Temperature/Humidity error

In case of problem with the temperature and/or humidity you will get an error like the following one

Temperature / Humidity sensing disabled on DCB 1
*** ERROR - 3 required temp / humidity sensors not found
Bad return from dcb_initialize()
Camera initialization error -- press <enter> to exit

You should check that the temperature of the cooling is the correct one and that the N2 stream valve is open. If they are OK, the error message is due to a communication problem. To overcome it, switch off the Pilatus and back on after few seconds, as explain here below.

Switching on/off the Pilatus

Pilatus switches

Two switches are in the back of the Pilatus. In case you need to hard restart the detector you just need to switch them off and on again. You need to stop and start the detector software afterward (see above).

After having restarted the detector the two led for Power and Temp will be red until the detector software has not been restarted and the Camserver has complete the checking and booting of the detector.

Pilatus back