MD2 Microdiffractomter

Microdiff Init - Homing of motors

Microdiff init


To perform a complete initialisation of MD2 - Microdiff_init go to VNC to Microdiff computer

Then Click on Restart and check Perform a cold start button (see image below)



To home specific motors:

Access the motors under the Devices menu



And click on Homing



MD2 - Aperture alignment

Before manually aligning the apertures, verify that the beam is well aligned on centered position (do Centre beam if unsure)

Normally there is no need to realign Beam defining Aperture (your LC has done it in the morning), so most likely a Quick Realign will bring back the correct intensity at the sample position.

Apertures alignment is performed inside the MD2 software. Put the scintillator in (in MXCuBE2 -> Instruments), open safety shutter and fast shutter.

Access the MD2 software (VNC to Microdiff or vncviewer microdiff29new) go to Devices-->Aperture and align each of the aperture using the X and Y scrolling (it is safer to use the arrows for tiny movements). When the beam and the apertures are aligned click on Set to Current. Repeat this operation for each of the aperture.

Be careful, wrong settings might impair the correct realignment of the five aperture.