Hardware and software requirements :

To perform the remote access, you will need at least one computer with a relatively large screen (at least 17'', optimal 21'', the bigger the better! ) and access to high speed network (at least 512Kb/s, the faster the better !).

To connect to ESRF firewall,  you will need the latest version of NXclient  on your PCs at home. The client is available in windows, Mac and linux variants. You'll find instructions on how to set up your NXclient to start your remote access experiment from home here

All Users should connect to NX server (Port 5622) using the latest version of NXclient

Known problems:

Timeout on connection to firewall - check that your laboratory firewall is not blocking your access.

If your computer crashes and looses the connection with ESRF, it might be difficult for you to reconnect easily since you will have already a session opened. You can kill your already running session before restarting a fresh one by right clicking on the session appearing on your NX web client desktop and selecting "Terminate session".