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Complexes and clusters

Ciatto G.,
In: "X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Semiconductors" Schnohr C.S. (Eds.) Ridgway M.C. (Eds.) (Springer, 2015) pp. 99-125

H2 storage in isostructural UiO-67 and UiO-66 MOFs

Chavan S., Vitillo J.G., Gianolio D., Zavorotynska O., Civalleri B., Jakobsen S., Nilsen M.H., Valenzano L., Lamberti C., Lillerud K.P., Bordiga S.,
Physical Chemistry - Chemical Physics 14, 1614-1626 (2012)

Environmental sciences at the ESRF

Cotte M., Auffan M., Degruyter W., Fairchild I., Newton M.A., Morin G., Sarret G., Scheinost A.C.,
Synchrotron Radiation News 23, 28-35 (2010)

Ion hydration in high-density water

Migliorati V., Chillemi G., Mancini G., Zitolo A., Tatoli S., Filipponi A., D'Angelo P.,
Journal of Physics : Conference Series 190, 012057-1-12057-6 (2009)