Current Staff Members

Name Function Area of Expertise Picture Ext Office
Sakura PASCARELLI Scientist responsible Condensed Matter Physics Instrumentation (Optics, XAS) 21-47 Centr. 226
Olivier MATHON BeamLine Operation Manager Condensed Matter Physics Instrumentation (Optics, XAS) 25-61 Sect.26 1-02
Kirill Lomachenko Scientist in charge of chemistry and catalysis Materials Science and Catalysis 19-14 Sect.26 1-06
Angelika ROSA Scientist in charge of extreme conditions Geochemistry 19-75 Sect.26 1-04
Raffaella TORCHIO Scientist in charge of the high power laser facility

Extreme conditions of P, T; 3d Metals and alloys

29-06 Sect.26 1-05
Sébastien PASTERNAK Technician Mechanics 25-51 Sect.26 1-04
Florian PERRIN Technician Electronics and Control 21-66 Sect.26 1-03


ESRF support

Name Contact Picture Ext Office
Gilles BERRUYER Technical support software