High Field Magnet end station

A fast-sweeping UHV (10-10 - 10-11 mbar base pressure with sample at room temperature) superconducting magnet with ± 9 Tesla field along the beam, ± 4 Tesla field perpendicular to the beam and 7 K to 325 K sample temperatures.

UHV load lock / transfer system.

Sample preparation facility with STM, LEED, Auger, e-beam evaporators and more.

RIXS end station

A new, very high energy resolution RIXS spectrometer with a target combined resolving power of 30 000.

Operates in UHV with <10-8 mbar base pressure with sample at room temperature (very quickly lowers upon sample cooling)

A continuously moving scattering arm over 100 degrees.

Sample goniometer for accurate sample positioning.

Sample cooling to at least 25K with a liquid helium flow cryostat.

Open Experimental Cabin

The experimental area is very flexible. User groups may wish to bring their own instruments to the beamline and they are encouraged to do so.


We recommend prospective users to contact the beamline staff to discuss experiments prior to submission of proposals.