The purpose of this page is to help solving the most common problems. Please read this page completely even if you think you have already found the solution to your problem.

If you cannot open the front end, read the PLC help page external-link in order to verify the ID26 interlock system (this should be run on a PC).

If windows are missing on Piano, you can click the icon StartAll on the desktop. To start the most important applications type from a terminal window on Piano:

id26ctl: for the main spec session.

mcce: for the electrometer spec session

idappli_appli: go to command-id control to access control of the undulators

Double click on the desktop items to start the GUIs: gui26vars, mccetemp, motors, ...

The name of the application you are using is the name found in the application prompt following a number and a point and ending before the symbol ">".  The application used for data acquisition on ID26 is id26ctl.

As a general rule, most of the problems are solved by pressing CTRL-C and typing command reconfig in the id26ctl session to make sure that the data acquisition system is ready and all connections to the different Device Servers are restored. In case you receive a warning message at the end of the configuration messages, that indicates that the configuration could be be completed, contact the beamline staff. If there is still no beam, use id26open_all to make sure that all valves, Front End and shutters are open.

In case of problems with the mono (motor energy) type 'mono_reset' in the id26ctl session.

Machine related problems

The id26ctl session automatically detects whether there is beam or whether a refill is coming up (in case the variable BEAMCHECK is set). It stops data acquisition if necessary. The reason will then be indicated in the latest line of the id26ctl session.

In general: The Front End (usually found in ID window on JAZZ) has to be open. It may be closed because the machine needs to do this or because automatic mode is off. In the latter case, type id26idopen in the id26ctl session. You can check the messages in the Front End window to get an update from the machine in case of problems. If that message is "request pending", you will have to phone the control room (24 90) and ask whether there is a problem that prevents the operation of the undulator. If an injection is taking place, please do not ask: just wait to come back to user mode and if the problem persists, then ask.

No/Less beam

If you do not have beam at the experimental hutch this can be due to several reasons. The most common is shutters being closed.

  1. Type id26open_all (it just tries to open a couple of valves, Front-End and shutters).
  2. It may happen that the undulator gap and energy are not at the corresponding values. Type gscan_on. If you get an error message having to do with the word 'aries' you may have lost contact with the front end device server. Check if the ring is in delivery mode, do reconfig and try gscan_on again. Call your local contact if problem persists.
  3. When doing EXAFS scans, only one undulator is used so you will have about a factor 3 less flux. When you type ctrl-c, only one undulator remains activated. Go to the ID window and the GUI where you type in the scan values. Choose the tabulator "mono+undulators" and make sure that all slave_on variables are set to 1.